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Why Choose a Velvet Sofa

There are some materials that naturally lend themselves to being used for upholstery. Leather is perhaps the most obvious example of a material that is stylish, durable, resilient and looks great as it wears.


Not everything possesses all those qualities in sufficient quantity to be ideal as a cover for a sofa. Silk, for example, may be very beautiful and about as soft on the skin as it gets but spill a glass of beer on it and that’s the sofa ruined. It could be an expensive design decision.


One material that might come a little closer to leather in terms of suitability, and certainly in terms of style, is velvet. Velvet sofas are becoming increasingly popular and will look great in almost any living room. Velvet has long been a material associated with luxury and high quality. It has perhaps always been thought a bit too expensive as a material for sofas on a mass scale but with affordable velvet sofas springing up around the place, it might be time you gave it a try.


One of the other previous drawbacks associated with velvet is that it is not the easiest to clean but with modern stain resistant fabrics and coverings, velvet can be protected against even the worst of accidents. Because it’s a natural fabric, it also means it is free from nasty synthetic toxins and chemicals that you can find in some cheaper sofas.



Velvet is available in many different colours, which also means you should always be able to find the right shade for your living room. Team it with some velvet cushions to create the ultimate luxurious feel in your lounge. It might have seemed like an unusual choice but it is proving to be very on trend in 2013. Who knows what velvet will cover next – coffee tables, velvet double beds or even carpet?


Once the sole preserve of opulent palaces and huge stately homes, velvet furniture is now becoming available to the common man too. Invest in a quality velvet or leather sofa and you won’t have to worry about the fabric wearing or the cushions losing their shape. You get what you pay for when it comes to living room furniture, so don’t waste money on cheap alternatives when you can get the very best for just that little bit extra.